M'SONE MSc Abstract - 2011

Supervisor : Dr F de Beer : NECSA and Prof (To be Announced) : UJ

Dr F de Beer, is NECSA's chief scientist on neutron radiography/tomography and current President of the ISNR

Neutron Radio-Tomography : Materials Analysis

The neutron tomography imaging facility at NECSA is located at one of the neutron beam lines of the SAFARI-1 nuclear research reactor at its Pelindaba site west of Pretoria. The neutron imaging facility, with its complementary X-ray tomography capability, is used for research in many fields, from palaeontology and medicine to materials science. Based on neutron interactions with the various isotopes within the sample, three dimensional quantitative images large samples can be obtained. This project will be undertaken on this facility. It is multi-disciplinary and involves a knowledge of neutron interactions, nuclear instrumentation (detectors, signal processing data acquisition), computer science for the data analysis and imaging and also a knowledge of the discipline in which the particular research problem is based. Further details of the particular research project to be undertaken will be provided later.