Computational Physics

Lecturer : Prof SH Connell : UJ

1.  Course Outline

  • Course Outline
  • This course is partly based on
    • Prescribed book : Computational Physics by S Koonin and D Meredith.
    • Prescribed book : Numerical Recipes by Press WH, Teukolsky SA, Vetterling W and Flannery BP. The electronic version of the book and the codes are available for South African users via the open access link near the ICTP logo on the homepage of the book.

2.  Lectures

  • Section 0 : Introduction
    • See web based notes ... useful if you are new to programming.
      • Linux Shell,
      • Editors,
      • C++,
      • Multi Source file Code Development
      • Make utility
      • Libraries (Numerical Recipes)
        • Lagrange Interpolation : A simple example from the Numerical Recipes book using several source files, include files and the Makefile.
    • Visualisation
      • Method 1 : Write plot data output ascii text files (column based), and then import into Excel or use Gnuplot
      • Method 2 : Call ROOT data visualisation library functions from within your code to
        • Working with the ROOT Framework Install and Learn ROOT
        • To compile with linking to the ROOT libraries, uncomment the line in the courses Makefile which enables this.
  • Section 1 : Elementary mathematical operations
    • Contains a worked out Example Project on the Semi-classical treatment of Molecular Vibrations.
      • Project : Classwork : Semi-classical treatment of Molecular Vibrations
      • Code and solutions (see restricted area link below)
    • Students to perform the Project 1 below for grading.
  • Section 2 : Ordinary differential equations
    • Contains a worked out Example Project on the structure of White Dwarf stars.
      • Project : Classwork : The structure of White Dwarf stars
      • Code and solutions (see restricted area link below)
  • Section 3 : Boundary- and eigen-value problems
    • Classwork examples :
      • Shooting to a boundary.
        • Applied to the Schroedinger Equation for an infinite square well (restricted area).
      • Shooting to a fitting point
        • Applied to Schroedinger Equation for a finite square well (restricted area).
    • Students to perform the Project 2 below for grading.
  • Section 4 : Numerical integration and Special Functions
  • Section 5 : Matrix operations
  • Section 6 : Partial differential equations
  • Section 7 : Modelling of data
    • A worked out Example Project on the LEP data - 3 familes of particles.
      • Code and solutions (restricted).
    • The MINUIT paper of James and Roos from CPC (restricted).
    • A worked out Example Project ROOT framework fitting (restricted).
  • Section 8 : Monte Carlo simulations
    • Monte Carlo method for "pi" .... (short code).
    • Elective : Advanced students learn programming within the ROOT and GEANT frameworks in applied Monte Carlo Studies. (done by the 2014 Class)
    • Classwork Example Project : Cancer Therapy Treatment Plan (solution restricted).
      • This problem successfully completed by the 2014 Class.

3.  Tutorials

4.  Projects

  • Project 1 : The Transcendental Equation of the Deuteron
  • Project 2 : The Wavefunction of the Deuteron

5.  Past Papers

6.  Restricted Material