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OSG resource UJ-OSG

This page is a brief summary of the UJ-OSG resource, intended for OSG users.
More complete information is available starting from the Main page. If you believe other details should be indicated directly on this page, or you have any comments, please address your suggestions to the contacts.

UJ-OSG offers an OpenScience Grid interface to the UJ Cluster. Presently only a Computing Element is available.

Computing Element

  • VMWare Server VM on a 2 quad-core Intel Xeon E5405, 2GHz
    • OSG version 1.0.1
    • Scientific Linux CERN 4.6 i386
    • PBS batch queues

Worker Nodes

  • 7 physical Worker Nodes, each with
    • Scientific Linux 4.7 x86_64
    • 2 quad-core AMD Opteron 2350, 2GHz (SSE support up to SSE4A)
    • 16GB RAM
    • 140GB scratch area
    • 380GB shared NFS area

Supported VOs

  • OSGEdu

A policy to accept other VOs has not yet been defined.

User access

Interactive logins for users are only planned for UJ students and staff, and will be limited to a dedicated User Interface server.

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Page last modified on February 27, 2009, at 09:34 PM