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Policies related to usage of this resource via Grid services

  • Fairsharing Procedure (2014 (June onwards)
    • 2 nodes reserved for Local and SAgrid only.
    • The rest are then divided up as follows
      • The fair share policy now is set to calculate over 7 days.
        • +CLASSCFG[dteam] FSTARGET=10 MAXPROC=10,30
        • +CLASSCFG[saatlas] FSTARGET=20 MAXPROC=10,255
        • +CLASSCFG[batch] FSTARGET=50 MAXPROC=10,255
        • +CLASSCFG[sagrid] FSTARGET=10 MAXPROC=10,64
        • +CLASSCFG[ops] FSTARGET=10 MAXPROC=10,30
      • The FSTARGET is the % of the cluster one can use if all cores are in use.
      • The MaxProc are the lower and upper limit of CPU's that can be used
      • Atlas and local users should be able to use almost all the cores available
      • (They cant use all, other wise Bruce's SAGRID monitoring jobs will fail).
      • Local users are weight 50 % compared to 20% for ATLAS users.
    • If this works, Chris Lee plans to add the 2 reserved nodes back into the queue so we are not wasting resources when users are not available
    • Jobs are also not stopped if somebody has higher priority, so when a user tries to suddenly use 1/4 of the cluster as was the case here now, they are going to wait a bit.
  • Policy Document from the UJ Easter Recess Workshop on 10.4.2009
  • OSG Site Usage Policy - draft policy extensions
  • SAGrid/gLite Site Usage Policy - to be defined
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Page last modified on July 13, 2014, at 06:56 PM