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UJRC Usage Policy

DRAFT Usage Policy Document from the UJ Easter Recess Workshop, on 10.4.2009

Source of this policy

The Usage Policy is defined by the recognised User Groups of the Research Cluster; see the User Groups and MoU.
This policy may be changed at any time with a 75% quorum of the Parties to the Agreement

Usage Policy for Local Access

  • Lowest possible barrier to entry
    • Accounts available to
      • UJ Staff / Students : on e-mailed request with a few sentences on what they want to do
      • Will establish VO groups as well for group accounts
      • Access to short queue and sandbox is on the minimal threshold of 1 a.i.
      • Full access for students needs letter of support from supervisor. They then get the normal priority queue
      • After 1000 hours of CPU time, it will be necessary to submit an abstract and a graphic for the www-site.
  • Commercial access
    • Billing . Costing based on cost of Cluster amortised over three years
    • Donation of kit gives % entitlement
      • Donations have lifetime for amortisation of equipment
  • Damages .. clause that waives all responsibility of management
  • When groups make infrastructure donations, they get an in principle guaranteed access, but where the quantity amortises with time.
  • If usage grows beyond capacity
    • Increase size of cluster, split cluster
    • May need to have a Program Advisory Committee (Parties to the Agreement)
  • Acknowledgement necessary when work using this site is published.

Usage Policy for GRID Access

  • Already signed JRU for SAgrid : 20% of site
    Allow Bruce (Becker) latitude to negotiate something like this with all other sites at SAgrid. The amount may scale with size of site.
  • Participation in OSG has a policy of 10% of the site available to OSG.
  • Priority levels for Jobs
    • Ranks for Queues
      • Implementation via a queue for a VO
        • UJ VO
        • SAGrid VO
        • OSG VO
        • Can PBS do this
  • Blacklisting due to abuse
    • Discuss with source of abuse
    • Notify CA get certificate revoked
    • Share blacklist
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Page last modified on April 20, 2009, at 12:03 AM