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User Groups and the Memorandum of Agreement

User Groups of the UJ Cluster (as at 10.4.2009)

  1. Experimental High Energy Physics (Physics)
    represented by Simon Connell <shconnell (at)>
  2. Astrophysics (Physics)
    represented by Chris Engelbrecht <chrise (at)>
  3. Molecular Dynamics (Chemistry)
    represented by Gert Kruger <gjkruger (at)>
  4. Quantum Chemistry (Chemistry)
    represented by Alfred Muller <mullera (at)>
  5. Applied Mathematics
    represented by Yorick Hardy <yjardy (at)>
  6. Numerical Studies (Engineering)
    represented by Muaaz Bhamjee <muaazb (at)>
  7. Theoretical High Energy Physics (Physics)
    represented by Azwinndini Muronga <amuronga (at)>
  8. GEANT 4 Monte Carlo for MuSR systems (Physics)
    represented by Jonathan Hartman <hartman.jonathan2 (at)>

Memorandum of Understanding

Collaboration of Groups in the cluster as a project (as distinct from users with accounts) is governed by the Memorandum of Understanding (pdf) (doc) on the High Performance Computing Research Cluster of the University of Johannesburg.

The signatories to this MoU include the User Groups above as well as

  • Information Communication Systems
    represented by Adriaan Vorster
  • Research and Innovation
    represented by Chris Masuku.
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