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Install gLite UI

We start from the Clean SL4.7

Install gLite

Remove GCC Java (gcj), if installed; do not install SUN Java before the UI package, it causes dependency conflics

yum remove libgcj  libgcj-devel gcc-java java-1.4.2-gcj-compat
## yum install jdk java-1.6.0-sun-compat # DO NOT PREINSTALL JAVA !!
yum install --enablerepo dag  ig_UI_noafs
yum install gilda-CA

local packages

Install Root and Geant4 (for HEP Montecarlo and data analysis)

cd /nfs/data/PKG
yum localinstall CERNLIB-2005-0.slc4.i386.rpm UJ_root-5.22.00-0.SL4.i686.rpm UJ_root-lib-5.22.00-0.SL4.i686.rpm UJ_root-tutorials-5.22.00-0.SL4.i686.rpm
yum localinstall UJ_clhep-  UJ_clhep-devel- UJ_clhep-debuginfo- UJ_geant4-9.2.p01-0.SL4.i686.rpm    UJ_geant4data-9.2-0.SL4.i686.rpm  UJ_geant4-debuginfo-9.2.p01-0.SL4.i686.rpm UJ_geant4-devel-9.2.p01-0.SL4.i686.rpm  UJ_geant4-examples-9.2.p01-0.SL4.i686.rpm
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Page last modified on May 13, 2009, at 11:34 PM