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Install Squid http proxy cache

Even if the UJ network has a transparent http proxy cache, we still want to have a local proxy because the generic proxy is optimised for web pages, so it does not cache large objects, like data files or install packages.

Actually, I've done this much later in the process, but it would be better to do it early.

[ADM@gridvm ~]$ sudo yum install squid
[ADM@gridvm ~]$ mkdir /dsk2/SQUID/
[ADM@gridvm ~]$ sudo chown squid.squid /dsk2/SQUID/


http_port 3128
maximum_object_size 200 MB
cache_mem 128 MB
cache_replacement_policy heap LFUDA
cache_dir aufs /dsk2/SQUID 4000 16 256
acl DMZ src
acl WNs	src
http_access allow DMZ
http_access allow WNs

# override expire=-1 for software repositories
refresh_pattern \.pacman$       360     20%     1440 override-expire
refresh_pattern repodata/.*\.xml.*$ 60     20%     1440 override-expire
refresh_pattern .*\.rpm$ 360     20%     1440 override-expire

# complete transfers (so that header downloads get the full rpm)
quick_abort_min -1 KB
quick_abort_max 16 MB
quick_abort_pct	50



[ADM@gridvm squid]$ sudo service squid start
[ADM@gridvm squid]$ export http_proxy=http://gridvm:3128
[ADM@gridvm squid]$ curl
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Page last modified on April 05, 2009, at 10:50 AM