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Information for users of the UJ Research Cluster

1.  User training

User training initiatives are held at UJ, although not on a regular basis. Current initiatives are announced on the home page. Please see Contacts for information and requests.
The online version of the grid school lab sessions can be found at and also

  1. Power Point Slides from Ben Clifford - OSG (Easter Recess Training for the UJ Research Cluster)
  2. Tutorial Material
    • Use Putty to connect from windows to
    • Use a shell and ssh to connect from a linux / Mac machine

SAGrid also arranges for training initiatives. Please consult the schedule.

The pages on computing in the wiki of the PSI Group contain information on using Linux and developing software, which are relevant for the users of the UJ Cluster.

2.  Index of user information pages

3.  Grid CA certificate and VO membership

  • The situation of Certificates and VO membership for Africa is here, with informative links.
  • South African National Certificate Authority
  • Every new certificate request must be authorized by the competent Registration Authority (RA).
  • The RA for the University is Francois Wolmarans
  • The user must first meet face-to-face the competent RA, who is responsible for the user's identity verification.
  • The RA verifies the user using a valid identity document;
  • The RA opens the page;
  • The RA fills the form with the user information: name, surname and email address;
  • The RA gives to the user the ID code produced by the on-line authorization process;
  • The user, using his own browser, downloads the INFN CA certificate here;
  • Once the ID code has been received by the user (and within 48 hours after that), he/she requests the certificate here, giving the same information provided to the RA. If everything is in order, the user will receive, within 2 working days, the instructions needed to download his/her certificate (the user must download the certificate using the same browser employed in the request phase)
  • Renewal requests will be executed only after the CA receives by signed e-mail the approval of the competent RA, who will be automatically informed.
  • Membership of the SAGrid VO is here. This gives access to all sites on the African continent in the AfricaGrid GOCDB.
  • Membership of the ATLAS VO and the ATLAS/ZA VO is available to UJ-ATLAS members. Visit
  • Only for UJ-ATLAS members Software Tutorial :
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