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My Research Interests: (with a range of collaborators) span several fields
High Energy Particle Physics

  1. Working in SA-ATLAS : Higgs Group - three discovery searches in the Higgs and Super Symmetry sector.
  2. HEP computing
  3. Part of NA63 - especially coherent radiation phenomena using aligned diamond targets.

High Energy Nuclear Physics

  1. Virtual photon excitation of baryonic resonances - JLAB Hall C experiments - mostly experiment E1-008 and associate experiments

ATLAS cavern

Nuclear Physics

  1. Reaction Mechanisms -in light ion induced reactions on medium mass targets from the Coulomb Barrier to the Fission threshold.

Applied Nuclear Physics

  1. Developing the Mineral-PET kimberlite rock stream sorter for diamond
  2. Application of High Performance Computing and Monte-Carlo techniques (from High Energy Physics) to Reactor Simulation

Diamond Physics

Diamond Art
  1. X-ray Bragg studies of intrinsic defects at the limit of low strain 10-8
  2. Diamond Applications :
    1. As a synchrotron beam optical element.
    2. As a detector.
    3. As a crystalline undulator.
    4. The (small) lab low-strain Diamond Instrumented Diffractometer project.
    5. Electron and Photon induced primary radiation damage in the low dose - pure diamond limit.
    6. Aspects of ultra-pure and low strain HPHT Synthesis, CVD synthesis.
  3. The H impurity (revealed by Muon Spin Rotation experiments)
  4. The H-microscope project (at iThemba LABS Gauteng).
  5. Impurity Complexation leading to n-type molecular dopants (mostly H complexation)
  6. Scientific Diamond processing (fine mechanical, laser, thermo-chemical, ion-beam). We co-develop the iThemba Diamond Laboratory instrumentation and Techniques.
  7. Natural diamond inclusion geo-chemistry - as an indicator of deep earth physics.

Thermo-chemical polishing

Open Quantum Systems

  1. Quantum Diamond
  2. Space-time effects in Bell Correlations
  3. Quantum Communication, Quantum Security


  1. Computational Physics
  2. High Performance Computing
  3. Grid Computing

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