This is a group, open to anyone, that discusses interesting looking research. There is no focus on any particular subject area - anyone is free to propose an interesting paper in any physics field. We meet every Friday at 10:30 in the C1lab 120 (the physics seminar room). If there is ongoing interest in a particular paper, we will discuss it for more than one week.

Discussion for 11 March

We are looking at a review paper of an interpretation of quantum mechanics called Consistent Quantum Theory. We chatted about background / related topics the last two weeks, reviewing topics such as Copenhagen vs. many worlds interpretations, Bell's inequalities, Young's double slit experiment with quantum erasure / delayed quantum erasure.

Paper: Colloquium: An introduction to consistent quantum theory

Other papers:

A double-slit quantum eraser

Proposed future journal club topics

Please add to this list!

  • Martin: Another paper on quantum mechanics. This time demonstrating entanglement between two particles separated in time instead of space. Are we up for more quantum?

Extraction of timelike entanglement from the quantum vacuum