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I am a physicist. Or, at least, I try my best. I am mostly involved in the computational side of High Energy Physics (Monte Carlo, DAQ, Data Reduction), but I also enjoy hands-on work on detectors.

Currently, I am trying to:

  • make the MineralPET work, which includes lots of tinkering with DAQ stuff.
  • configure, manage and use the UJ Research Cluster
  • start working on ATLAS
  • mantain the BookCrystal software for the NA63 experiment at CERN
  • get a PhD
  • finally, to put back together a decent web site for myself. But as you can see I never have time for it.

There is a non-null probability that you were looking for Alessandro "Sandro" Ballestrero instead. He is a theoretician working on HEP event generators.

I am also a long time Linux user and Open Source advocate. You can find something more in OpenSource and Linux pages.

I strongly support the usage of Open Formats, like OpenDocument; proprietary, non standard file formats are a major source of inconveniences for everybody - for Linux users like me and most people in our group, but also for Windows and Apple users, who are practically forced to buy MS Office. There is nothing wrong in itself with a software company selling its products; what is wrong is the perpetuation of a monopoly, and the restriction of access to information.
If you value freedom and you don't want to contribute to the Digital Divide, pray, do not email, publish or otherwise distribute .DOC, .XLS or .PPT files.

Should you not have noticed yet, let me spell out that I love Wikipedia. And also WiktionaryZ, and WikiBooks

Se sei un cittadino italiano come me, supporta la ricerca in Italia decidendo come impiegare una piccola parte dell'IRPEF che paghi:

Contact details:
e-mail: sergio.ballestrero (at)

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Page last modified on April 01, 2009, at 11:45 am