The ROOT System Home Page

Root is a Data Analysis System based on an Object Oriented approach (albeit an old fashioned one), which allows tackling much more complex data structure compared to what was possible to do with PAW. One of its major selling points is its use of C++ also for the interactive command line, so that Root scripts quite easily translate into full-fledged compiled programs. It is widely used in the HEP community. See also the Wikipedia:ROOT page.

Go4 is an advanced GUI for Root that uses the QT library. Aside from being useful for the advanced Online/Offlline use it was designed for, it is easier for the beginner, as its standard-style GUI offers a more menu-driven approach. It also includes a much improved fitting interface.
On the Scientific Linux PCs of the PSI Group we always try have installed the latest stable versions of Root and Go4. You can type rpm -q root to check which version is installed.

Python and ROOT

Since many are unhappy with the CINT/C++ interactive interface of ROOT, some alternatives are emerging, and PyROOT seems the most popular. Python is an Object Oriented language like C++, but it is less verbose and easier for a novice, safer since it does not use pointers, and unlike C++ it was designed as an interpreted language, so it is much better suited for scripting and interactive use.


Download Root from ROOT Home Page

Root Install

Sergio - I don't really like many things about Root (see Data Analysis), but it seems to be the only reasonably complete data analysis system available at the moment. At least the license problem has been solved - Root is now released under the LGPL.

Install ROOT inside Ubuntu inside Windows 10 subsystem for Linux (WSL)