1.  Search/retrive scientific papers

A nice one-page introduction on searching, from UC Berkeley: Recommended Search Strategy

2.  Writing papers

3.  Software for bibliography, BibTeX

  • see Latex etc
  • - A review of online bibliography/archival tools
  • Another review of bibliography tools
  • Online tools:
    • Aigaion
      you can import/export BibTeX entries from Aigaion
    • BibConverter
      It extracts data from text copied directly from the web page and outputs BibTeX records that contains much more information than citations exported using the export functionality provided by the bibliographic services.
      If it works well we could install a local copy.
    • CiteULike - online bibliography service. Nice to see other people's bibliographies. Very good import tools from a number of online services. The search is not working in this moment - I hope it's a temporary glitch. It allows to upload a private copy of the PDFs, but I don't see a way to share it with other people.
    • QCite is not as nice as CiteULike, but the source is available on request, so one could install it locally and add functionality like uploading PDFs. But I don't see any of us having the time...
  • Standalone BibTeX programs:
    • BibDesk, only for OsX
    • JabRef in Java, so it will work both on Win and Linux (and OsX).

4.  All the pages in this section: