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1.  Papers

  1. People
    1. Simon Connell - Google Scholar
    2. Nicolin Govender - Google Scholar
  2. ATLAS
    1. ATLAS Papers directly from UJ

2.  Patents

  1. MinPET : Detection of Diamonds, 2005/03/14, SA Patent Application 2006/08025, ARIPO Patent Application AP/P/2006/003753 and AP 1986, Canadian Patent Application 2,559,516, Australian Patent Application 2005220403 Russia Patent Application 2006135960 and 2334974, China Patent application 200580011607.9, India Patent Application 5365/DELNP/2006 Patentscope Granted 2005
  2. MGRT : Method of Multiple Source and Detector Gamma Ray Tomographic Radiography, 2018/10/19, PCT INTERNATIONAL APPLICATION (253LPS) PCT/IB2018/058162, Patentscope Grant in 16.08.2022
  3. MinPET 1 : Method and System for High Speed Detection of Diamonds, 2018/9/8, PCT INTERNATIONAL APPLICATION P82286PC00,Patentscope
  4. MinPET 2 : Detector Arrangement, Detection System and Method of Processing Data from a Detector Arrangement for High Throughput Data Handling, 2019/11/12, PCT INTERNATIONAL APPLICATION P82287PC00m Patentscope
  5. MinPET 3 : Method and System for Irradiating and Activating an Object, 2020/01/23, PCT INTERNATIONAL APPLICATION P82288PC00, Patentscope
  6. MinPET 4 : Reducing Artefacts in Positron Emission Tomography Image Reconstruction, 2020/06/24, PCT INTERNATIONAL APPLICATION P82289ZP00, Patentscope
  7. MinPET 5 : Detector Arrangement, Detection System and Method of Positioning a Detector Arrangement to Reduce Imaging Artefacts, 2020/07/30, PCT INTERNATIONAL APPLICATION P82290PC00, Patentscope
  8. MedPET 1 : Methods Relating to Medical Diagnostics and to Medical Diagnostic Systems, 18.11.2021, PCT INTERNATIONAL APPLICATION PCT/IB2021/054109, Patentscope
  9. PolyPET 1 : Material Analysis Method and System, 25.08.2020, PCT INTERNATIONAL APPLICATION P82286PC00, Patentscope Grant in 29.04.2022
  10. CoalPET 1 : Coal Analysis Method and System, 18.11.2021, PCT INTERNATIONAL APPLICATION PCT/IB2021/054109, Patent Journal

3.  Software Development

  1. S Ballestrero, SH Connell
    Multi-paramater Data Aquisistion System frontended by CERN's Physics Analysis Workstation
    WWW Reference as an Approved SourceForge Project
    Project Full Name: S.R.C. CAMAC/GPIB DataCollect
    Project Unix Name: collect
    Shell/Web Server:
  2. AH Andeweg, SH Connell, JPF Sellschop, E Sideras-Haddad
    Accelerator Computer Control System
    See references and
  3. Sergio Ballestrero, Martin Cook, Richard Andrew, Tim Brooks, Thendo Nemakhavani and Simon Connell
    Software for the MinPEt Project : Full Sim of all physics based on Geant4, DAQ, MinPET Reconstruction and detection, AI and ML, Other related
    MinPET GitHub repos
    Covered by NDA and requires collaboration
  4. Martin Cook and Simon Connell
    Geant4 for neutronics of Nuclear Reactors
    Geant5 Ubuntu Reactors GitHub repos
    Ubuntu Reactors