• The PSI group has agreed to standardize on Ubuntu 22.04
    • This can be in a PC, main OS or Dual Boot
    • Another option is Ubuntu inside of Windows 10 or better still 11 using WSL
  • The cluster has CentOS 7
  • MacOS also good
  • Scientific Linux now deprecated .....
  • Normally we are tracking CERN official releases ... but there seems to be a tradition there now.
  • Deprecated page for Scientific Linux

Other useful RPM repositories:

Other useful software

Known problems:

  • I have had kernel OOPS and panic when using a USB-2 pendrive.
    A bug report has been submitted:
    • the same pendrive works on USB-1
    • a USB-1 pendrive works on the same PC
    • the problem can be "solved" by disabling USB2, by adding to /etc/modprobe.conf
      install ehci_hcd false
    • fixed in SL 4.3
  • Both SL 4.1 and 4.2 did not want to install on the VMIVME-7750, with a kernel panic on disk access.
    • the solution is to install with a kernel paramenter ide=nodma.
    • I have not yet tried to run a kernel without ide=nodma.
    • my RH8 recovery CD did work without the ide=nodma.