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Thesis Submission Resources


  • This is now done online
    • Online registration must be done through the student portal. Students should register first in order to access it. Once the student has an account he/she can log on to this portal, and in the menu on the top left there is the option "Online Registration & E-Payments": simply follow the steps in there.
  • There are several contractual forms to be signed in addition.

Proposal Submission

  • Deadline for the proposal submission is 3 months for an MSc and 6 months after registration for a PhD.
    • Proposal Submission Form
    • Form : proposal Submission Form
    • The proposal may require substantial iteration with the supervisors, so the first draft must be ready on month before this deadline.
  • After the Proposal has passed the Supervisor hurdle, it must be assessed by a Panel, via the written document and a presentation
    • Proposal Seminar
      • After the submission of the Proposal to the HoD via the Secretary, a request must be made (via the secretary) to present a Proposal Seminar.
      • The presentation of the Proposal Seminar must also occur before the proposal submission deadline.
      • The request to the secretary must be accompanied by an Abstract for the Proposal Seminar.
      • The slides for the Proposal Seminar must also have been iterated with the supervisor, including one or more practice presentation sessions.
      • If this process is successful, the matter will advance from the Department of Physics further within the Faculty, until the Proposal is accepted.
      • Revisions to the Proposal may be required.

Bi-annual Progress Reports

  • Each year, two Progress Reports must be submitted

Promotional Seminar

  • When the research is complete and ready to be written up, a Promotional Seminar must be applied for and scheduled.
    • This is again done via the secretary with the authorisation of the supervisor.
    • The Department arranges assessors.
    • The result may be to proceed with the write-up, to develop an area of the research further or the result may be negative.

The UJ Thesis Style

  • The UJ Thesis Guideline document (Version July 2013) is attached ... see pages 2 and 3.
  • In addition, to this, use the numbered referencing style of Physical Review Letters.
  • The LaTeX example from which you can develop your own thesis.
    • Learn about LaTex LaTex
    • Download the templates for the Thesis Example
      • Use the package notoccite (see leader file of the example) to ensure that referencing in the various captions, as collected in the List of Figures / Tables does not perturb the proper numbering of references in the body text.
  • Prof Connell's students, M'SONE students : Only Latex thesis preparation is acceptable

Article-based theses

Submission Timelines and documents

  • Submission Dates to be in time for Graduations
  • Supervisor arranges appointment of externals
  • Student completes the following forms in the submission process. Submission is to the Faculty of Science, via the office of Karien Van den Berg, the Postgraduate Affiars Officer.
    • Form : Submission of Title for Approval - filled in by the student and sent to the supervisor for checking and signature at the time you are doing the submission for examination.
    • Form : Declaration on Submission for Examination - filled in by the student and sent to the supervisor for checking and signature at the time you are doing the submission for examination. It would be accompanied by three bond copies (eg ringbound) and an electronic version on CD.
  • Once the Examiner reports are received and processed, the student may be required to do corrections, and this process is managed by the supervisor. The final version of the thesis must be formally submitted to the Faculty.
    • Form : Declaration on Submission of Final Copies - filled in by the student and sent to the supervisor for checking and signature at the time you are doing the final submission after implementing the corrections of the examiners to the satisfaction of the supervisor.
    • The student must print and bind several copies.
      • UJ Binding Services
      • One quarter-bound copy for the library.
      • One leather-bound copy for each examiner and supervisor (fewer if they prefer simply the electronic copy).
      • Any additional leather-bound copies they may personally require.
      • Form : The signed affidavit must be bound into every copy.
    • Submission of thesis to the library
      • This involves the one printed quarter-bound copy and an electronic copy.
      • The UJ Thesis Guideline document (Version July 2013) provides details of the electronic submission preparation on pages 1 and 4-18.
      • Form : Complete and submit the signed Thesis/Dissertation submission form (Annexure D of the previous document).
  • The Faculty has the following aid : Frequently Asked Questions
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