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Commercial Software

In all cases note the following:

  • Do not use a cracked version of any software the University will not accept responsibility for any fines that a software company may issue as a consequence of such
  • The licenses we have are only for education/research purposes and are not to be used for commercial applications or personal benefit.

ANSYS (Multiphysics) by Qfinsoft

  • Free student version
    • The above version has full capabilities and only limits problem size (mesh count) which should be perfect on most laptops. Then the larger meshes can be implemented on the campus PCs and via the CHPC (Sineh can guide you on this). Please ensure that you install the version that matches the version used on the PC in the LAB that you will be using ANSYS has backwards compatibility but no forwards compatibility.
    • If you have a more powerful laptop of your own and want to use the research license, then your supervisor can ask FEBE IT (via the Departmental secretary) to get you a UJ email via which you can VPN to the license server if you need off-campus access. However, this I cannot guarantee as it depends on whether your supervisor suitably motivates, and it can take a while to get approved. Furthermore, it could be that the ICT policy changes or changed and prevents such. Download from here here.
  • CFD + FEA + Electromagnetics + Reaction Kinetics
    • 25 Full and 250 teaching licenses per package
    • Access to Use on CHPC for large scale simulations
  • Fluent
    • Installation Instructions in Private Resources area.

Solid Works (also 3DS Experience) by MECAD

  • MECAD the local distributors of Solidworks, have some options to potentially assist graduates. They try and assist graduates at their customers. They ask and advise: If the graduates can please send the following information to or
    • Updated CV
    • A synopsis of their final year project
    • Their academic transcript
    • Head & shoulder photo
  • The graduates are also more than welcome to check out their website for CV tips and interview tips Engineering Recruitment - MC Technology Staffing
  • Furthermore, they have an entrepreneurial or start-up program. Regarding the entrepreneurial or start-up program here is the criteria:
    • Needs to have a registered business.
    • Registered business needs to be younger than 3 years old.
    • Primary usage of the possible supplied software needs to be aimed at product design and not consultation work. This is important when the motivation is written in the application.
  • For the application link:
  • This link takes the user directly to the application sheet, which gets sent to Dassault. After about a week or 2 MECAD normally receives feedback if it was successful or not.

Mathematica and SystemModeler (BlueStalllion Technologies)


Abaqus (FEA) by FEAS

Star-CCM+ (CFD) by Aerotherm

MasterCam by MECAD


MSc Mark + MSC One Bundle by Simteq Engineering

MathCAD by ProductOne

Adam DAU Scale Monitoring Software by Mikateko

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