This is the UJ-ESRF wiki page for collaborative projects.

Introduction to Light Sources

  1. LAAAMP : Advanced Light Sources brochure
  2. Some Synchrotron links : ESRF, SESAME,, the African Light Source.
  3. Some talks
    1. Early talk (excuse no credits on slides ..... )
    2. ESRF Talk by Francesco Sette at the SA-ESRF Workshop, Johannesburg, November 2019
    3. AfLS Talk
  4. Some Training Courses
    1. See AfLS Training Resources Page for MOOCs
    2. See Coursera: Introduction to Advanced Tomography
    3. See Coursera: Introduction to Particle Accelerators


  1. Presentations
    1. Fortune Feedback Presentation 2020/05/12 Δ (UJ 2020)
    2. Fortune Feedback Presentation 2020/05/19 Δ (UJ 2020)

Introduction to Tomography

  1. Paul Tafforeau Talk, Movie-1, Movie-2, at the SA-ESRF Workshop, Johannesburg, November 2019.
  2. X-ray optics by Jürgen Härtwig (ESRF 2016)
  3. Coherent X-rays Malcolm Howells Lectures (ESRF)
  4. Phase Contrast Imaging - Coherent Beams by Henry Cloetens (ESRF 2007)