PSI Group - Research Programme

1.  Diamond Physics

1.1  Diamond Electronics

There is now device quality synthetic diamond. Devices based on Intrinsic and p-type material are now possible. A new era of diamond based electronics is anticipated. However, research needs to be done to in the following three areas

  • Shallow molecular dopant systems
  • Diamond detectors
  • Correlation between electronic properties, defects, synthesis
  • Hydrogen behavior in diamond
  • Muonium as a hydrogen analogue in diamond

1.2  Diamond in High Energy Physics Accelerators

  • Diamond as a Coherent Radiator in the Multi-Hundred GeV Regime
  • Diamond as a Synchrorton Radiation Beam Optic Element

1.3  Diamond Processing

  • Diamond Processing Laboratory
    This laboratory prepares diamonds for electronic and accelerator applications.
    Key features are crystal quality, unique geometries, defect free surface and subsurface.
    • Laser Ablation
    • Thermo-mechanical Etching
    • Mechanical processing - Polishing and sawing
    • Ion Beam Processing
  • The Thin Diamond Program

2.  Nuclear and Particle Physics

2.1  Particle Physics

  • Higgs boson search at ATLAS

2.2  Medium / High Energy Physics

  • QED under conditions of Strong Fields and Coherence
  • High Energy Photon Initiated Nuclear and Particle Physics
  • High Energy Nuclear Physics

2.3  Nuclear Physics

A comprehensive experimental investigation and theoretical modelling of light-ion induced reaction mechanisms in medium mass targets from the Coulomb barrier to the fission threshold

  • Stacked Foil Spectroscopy
  • Residue Momenta by Doppler Gamma - Ray Spectroscopy
  • Light particle emission spectroscopy

3.  Interdisciplinery Physics

  • Accelerator Physics
  • Development of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
  • GEANT4 detector simulation and E-DE(x,y) detector development
  • GEANT4 Simulation of a an AMS system as one large detector
  • SIMION simulation of Ion Sources and Ion Source Development

3.1  Projects based on the Ion Microprobe facility

  • Residue Analysis in Archeological tools
  • Geochemistry
  • Hydrogen Microscopy (we are workin on Diamond)

4.  Intellectual property and Commercialisation

  • Patents
  • Product development
    • Doping of diamond
    • Coloring of diamond
    • Defect engineering
    • Diamond recovery Mineral-PET
    • Data Acquisition Software (SourceForge Project)
  • Industry Liason
    Currently designing a program of research to support the PBMR project

5.  Outreach

  • The Emasondosondo program
    We are working with the SAIP, the GPEDU and Columbia University on a program to bring Science to disadvantaged schools.