AI for COVID-19

  • AI processing of multi-stream data for COVID-19 and TB diagnosis

Access the Computing Resources

  • There are powerful servers for GPU based AI processing
  • These are research facilities set up as work-horses
  • Please access them here, where we describe how to get credentialed and how to access.

Learn AI

Public Health, Artificial Intelligence and Diagnosis based on Multiple Data Sources

This project is a large interdisciplinary partnership of Doctors, Public Health Researchers, Data Scientists, Physicists and Engineers. It combines the data sets represented by several sources, including images of chest X-rays, audio recordings of coughs and set sentences, and Natural Language Processing applied to clinician data of patient interviews, and possible from wearable diagnostic devices. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution is a weakly supervised Deep Learning network. Its novel in the range of data sources which are unified and then presented coherently to a common AI engine and also in the interaction between the interdisciplinary team in developing the system. Ultimately one may have a tool that can support the diagnosis of a broader range of people with lung pathologies, even over the telephone (COVID-19, pneumonia, TB etc). Based on the wearables, the machine learning algorithm would also be able to diagnose if the patient is crashing or stable.

AI on Data Streams

Institutions Involved

  • Public Health Research Unit
  • Right to Care
  • University of Johannesburg
  • University of the Witwatersrand
  • Brookhaven National Accelerator laboratory
  • CERN
  • Technical University Tswane
  • University of Rwanda