Everything You'll Ever Want to Know about CERN, ATLAS, the LHC & more

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  1.   1.  CERN
  2.   2.  The Large Hadron Collider
    1.   2.1  Useful articles
  3.   3.  ATLAS
    1.   3.1  ATLAS Computing
    2.   3.2  ATLAS Physics Analysis
  4.   4.  Grid
  5.   5.  Particle Physics
  6.   6.  Blogs
  7.   7.  Photos
  8.   8.  The Incident on 19 September

1.  CERN

CERN Public Webpage
CERN Users Webpage
CERN's Twitter
CERN Document Server CDS
CERN Hostel

CERN Fun Facts: Attach:cernfunfacts.pdf

2.  The Large Hadron Collider

LHC Public webpage
LHC Homepage - includes cooldown status!
LHC Commissioning homepage
Hardware Commissioning homepage
US LHC Website

2.1  Useful articles

Article in Symmetry Magazine on the LHC beam safety
Black Holes at the LHC: what can happen? - nice article on the BackReaction blog


Public Webpage
Users Webpage - including daily meetings
US ATLAS Homepage
ATLAS Operation Website
ATLAS Hypernews
ATLAS CSC Note Chapters

3.1  ATLAS Computing

ATLAS Computing twiki

3.2  ATLAS Physics Analysis

ATLAS Physics Twiki - need to have cern NICE account and be member of ATLAS current physicists
Vancouver Tutorial
AOD & ESD Class Summary: Release 14 & 15

4.  Grid

RACF Overview: Start Using the Grid
DOEGrids Certificate Service
SA Grid
OSG website
DOSAR website

5.  Particle Physics

Gordon Watts' Particle Physics Course
The Goldstone Theorem for Real Dummies by Tommaso Dorigo

6.  Blogs

US LHC Blogs - a bunch of US physicists working on experiments at the LHC
Symmetry Breaking Magazine - Fermilab/SLAC blog
Resonaances - Particle theory blog
Entropy Bound - Peter Steinberg's blog
Life as a Physicist - Gordon Watts' blog
A Quantum Diaries Survivor - Tommaso Dorigo's blog

7.  Photos

CERN featured on Boston's The Big Picture
Claire's photos on flickr: CERN, SA-CERN, UJ-ATLAS
CERN photos on CDS

8.  The Incident on 19 September

  • Interim report from CERN (15 October 2008): Attach:firstreport.pdf
  • Follow up report (5 December 2008): Attach:secondreport.pdf
  • Talk by Robert Aymar, 28 November 2008 on "Status of CERN Activities" Attach:aymar.pdf (see from pg 12 re incident, photos on pg 17 & 18)
  • Talk by Roberto Saban at ATLAS Week, 1 December 2009 on "Status of the LHC & Plans for 2009" Attach:saban.pdf
  • Talk by S. Myers on 16 February 2009 on the recommendations made at the Chamonix Workshop in early February 2009 Attach:myers.pdf (see slide 21 for schedule, and 31 for beam conditions)