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Preparing for a CERN Visit


  • See the page on the SA-CERN funds here, take the Finance link.
    It is in the ATLAS Private area ... so only for UJ-ATLAS team members.

VISA Issues

  • Speak to Claire and Nicolin for advice on long term VISAs
  • For short term VISAs, get an invitation from ATLAS (there is a customised letter for you to adapt and then request to be sent to you from the ATLAS secretariat).
  • For short term VISAs, you can get these with multiple entry over three years - so make sure to request this.

Accommodation Issues

  • The general CERN Housing Service
  • Reserve a hostel room here
    Use your CERN computing account with your cern e-mail to make a reservation.
  • If you do not have the account still active then go here.
    Send an email to the hostel explaining that you have a USER contract and giving the information that they ask for in the list for requesting a reservation. Give Simon Connell as your contact person. You will also need to give a credit card reference to secure your reservation.

Other tips

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