Mitchell's AI Workshop

Artificial Intelligence

1.  Preliminaries

  • Have a laptop, with text editor
  • Install python 2.7 and 3.6 in each separate Conda environments
    • Favourite python learning tutorial Tutorialspoint
      • Only spend max 2 hours on your own
    • Conda will manage versioning and protection of all applications and packages
      • These will persist and still be there even if you return some time later, all will still work
      • Link to Conda tutorial MiniConda

2.  Training Data, Evaluation Data, Performance Metrics

  • Data manipulation, presentation in python

3.  CNN as a Greybox

4.  CNN Tutorials

  • Jump straight in to Keras and Tensorflow examples like in the QuickStart link
    • Test python program that creates a CNN to classify digits in the MNIST data set
    • Running on your GPU, Amazon cloud, Google engine

5.  Diving Deeper into CNN