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The Electronic LogBook for the UJ Physics Department

The hierarchy of the UJ system works as follows

                                                                  |----[LOGBOOK X]
                     |----[Personal Logbooks]---|


                     |                                             |----[LOGBOOK Y]
                     |                                             |----[LOGBOOK Z]
                     |                                             |----[LOGBOOK A]
                     |                                             |----[LOGBOOK B]

The admin users are Chris Lee, Simon Connell, Sergio balestrero, Bryan Doyle

To set your password for new users

Currently, to recover a password Chris has found a work around. users must click on this link to recover their passwords, instead of the one on the main screen,

For the admin users

There are 3 separate places where we can create password files, give admin access, or login access. Currently we are using one password file for everything as it makes it easier to manage.

Now we can add admin user =, login user = to each of these files, but instead of it working from global upwards, it works from logbook backwards. When ELOG looks for an option, it starts where it is, and then moves backwards through the files to try find it. So if you are in LOGBOOK X, and it is looking for a login rule and it does not find one, it will look in GROUP A, and finally GLOBAL Same thing goes for LOGBOOK Y, but as soon as it finds the syntax. It stops looking further. This allows you to secure logbooks deep into a grouped system

Since I wasn't sure who was allowed, I pretty much only gave Simon, Sergio, and myself Login and Admin user access to all the LOGBOOKS until I knew who was meant to admin, and actually login. Go to the logbook Then click on Config Then click on Change config file

You can now edit the config file for this logbook. Though look on top and you will see that there are also two new buttons. Change [GLOBAL Instruments] and Change [Global] The global file is only the email configuration, the password access setup to the main link of elog, and the group layout. So we shouldn’t have to ever change anything there again. Clicking on Change [GLOBAL Instruments] will allow you to edit and and login users for all the instrument logbooks (again, as long as they are not restricted higher up in the chain again)

More (Including register new users)

As you can see, ELOG is now running on the physics server, and Its linked on as (Please note the trailing / in the name as it IS required)

Currently if you click on the link, it will require you to register. An email will be sent to your email address for validation. There has been an error, where sometimes the page double loads and then you get an invalid access code. If this happens, try go back to and login normally again if you are not already signed in. If this fails, please send me an email and I will see what I can do ASAP.

When you do log in, you will see there are 3 main logbook sections

Personal Logbooks

  1. Instruments
  2. Collaboration

Personal logbooks will be locked and viewable only by the person concerned (unless you allow somebody else access to your logbook, which each person can do) Personal logbooks will be added as people register, and you can email Simon Connell, Chris Lee, or Bryan Doyle for now, and we will create the initial file for you. These logbooks are highly customisable, and if you want to go ahead and modify any of the standard settings in your logbook, you can find out more information from the following two links User Guide: Settings:

There are also two “OPEN Logbooks” The first is viewable by guests, and the second is only viewable by members who register

The last two groups currently are Instruments and Collaboration, and have the following logbooks:


  1. [Lang Topography]
  2. [On-line LAUE]
  3. [Plane Wave Topography]
  4. [Diamond Processing]


  1. [ATLAS - H --> Z'Z']
  2. [ATLAS - Astro-Particle]
  3. [ATLAS - MuonDB]
  4. [JLAB - Omega]

Right now all logbooks are generally locked, but we are adding people to the admin groups and login section as you register. If you have any questions, ideas or want a new logbook created, Please send me an email.

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Page last modified on July 18, 2019, at 01:01 pm