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JED is a lightweight editor that uses Emacs-compatible key bindings. Very useful on slow machines, or in remote, or to do quick edits to one file: it's like VI but with your familiar Emacs commands.

Unfortunately is has been deprecated and dropped out of the RHEL distributions (and consequently of SL4), but we have rebuild an SL4 rpm from the Fedora 4 Extras RPM, with no support for X11.

SELinux problems

The problem with JED on SL4 is that it replaces the SELinux properties of the edited file with the default ones. While this is not a problem with most of your common files, it becomes a VERY serious one if you use it to edit a web page (or anything that must be red by the web server, like php of config files) or a system configuration file, as they might become inaccessible for the Web server demon or other system software.

JED editor replaced with xemacs-nox on PSIgroup

despite repeated attempts to find a version of the JED editor that did not create problems with the SELinux file properties, and still could compile on SL4, as of today even the latest Fedora Extras version (jed-0.99.16-10), with a patch for SELinux, still causes problems. So, I have decided to:

  • remove JED from all PCs
  • install xemacs-nox
  • link /usr/bin/jed to /usr/bin/xemacs-nox

This should not be much of a problem, because all of our PCs now are fast enough to start even xemacs quite quickly; and the xemacs-nox is a version that does not require X11 graphics to run and starts a bit faster - though not as fast as JED did. If anybody has any alternative proposal to solve this, I'll be glad to hear it! -- sergio October 29, 2006, at 12:07 PM

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