Notes on Apple Os X

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  1.   1.  Misc
  2.   2.  Emacsen
  3.   3.  Other editors for Mac Os X
  4.   4.  Apple Mail
  5.   5.  Safari
  6.   6.  Slow SSH logins
  7.   7.  Devel

1.  Misc

  • Fink package manager, porting
  • NeoOffice: OpenOffice for OsX with an Aqua interface
  • Finder Refresh Force Mac OsX Finder to refresh a window.
  • Mac Magic Keys for booting from a CD, forcing a reset etc
  • Desktop Manager virtual screens/desktops
  • Stupid tricks with network time
    You can setup two or more ntp servers by typing all their addresses in the input box, separated by spaces. But remember to get rid of the rest of the descriptive text. Very useful inside Wits, where you cannot reach the standard Apple NTP servers.
  • Batteries

2.  Emacsen

There is an incredible number of Os X/Acqua/Carbon versions of Emacs and Xemacs. Not trivial to find the right one.

3.  Other editors for Mac Os X

4.  Apple Mail

5.  Safari

  • Sogudi search plugin
    Type any search (wikipedia,, man pages etc) from the location file. Sogudi main site, very slow.

6.  Slow SSH logins

Append to your .ssh/config file:

host *
GSSAPIKeyExchange no
GSSAPIAuthentication no

derived from

7.  Devel

  • to show linked libraries (equivalent of ldd prog on Linux): otool -L
  • shell environment
  • leaks
  • malloc_history
  • gdb
    interesting that, since it traps aborts and segfaults, it can be used to apply malloc_history to a program that crashes. Pity that despite all this malloc_history did not manage to explain me why Geant4.9 works with HBook, and Geant4.8 crashes instead.