Scientific Linux: Local Repository

  • Do not forget to include the YUM package when you install !

First of all, read the excellent Managing Software with yum from Fedora. Some details may be specific to Fedora Core 5, which uses a slightly newer version of yum, but most of it is relevant for SL too.

1.  YUM and the local repositories

2.  Using yum from a remote repository

for example: To install mozilla flash from the dag repository do

export http_proxy=""
sudo yum --enablerepo=dag install mozilla-flash

3.  How to create a yum repository:

  • use createrepo <dir>
  • for example you can copy all the rpm files from the install CDs into a directory (say /dsk1/FC4-PPC/os/), use createrepo, and then use
    in your /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora.repo
  • you may also have to set

For the repository on PSI there is the /WWW/data/ script.