EG&G DART portable MCA - a single-channel 8k DAQ in a box. Nice and easy.

Convert from mca32 to root

  • File/Export...
  • do not change type
  • give a filename with NO extension
  • Click "Open" (sic)
  • find filename.Txt

Install on Windows:

  • access the BIOS
    • set parallel port to 378/IRQ7
    • port mode EPP (NOT EPP+ECP !!)
    • EPP version 1.7
  • install Windows 2000
  • install DART+MCS
  • install Maestro
    • allow Maestro to overwrite ALL the existing files

This should give you a working install of Maestro. I do not know if you can avoid installing DART+MCS.

Install on Linux+Wine :-)

Only tested for viewing files, for the moment.

  • install Wine:
    get the version for CentOS 4 from http://www.winehq.com/site/download
    or just yum install wine
  • run the Maestro installer SETUP.EXE
    be patient, it takes a lot of time (like 30 minutes) to complete.
  • make a script to run it from command line, like:

Windows or Linux, do not forget to Read The Fine Manual !

Data file conversion utility