Installing Linux

It is impossible to install Scientific Linux (or Fedora Core) to an NFS share. Therefore it is necessary to prepare a minimal working system in a directory, using the mk_fedora.sh (from ????). The original mk_fedora.sh only works for Fedora Core 2; Sergio modified it to work for Scientific Linux 4.

The initial system has very few packages, but includes YUM, so that installing additional packages is easy.


  • install a second net card on a PC
  • configure eth1 for a private network, like
  • install DHCP and TFTP daemons on the boot server
  • make sure that DHCP only serves the private network on eth1
  • the SL system-config-netboot graphical interface does not seem to work well
  • anyway, pxeos and pxeboot do setup most of what is necessary
  • for the details, see (Korir, can you please link to a good HOWTO ?)