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Read PmWiki.PmWiki to see what this Wiki thing is all about.

To edit existing pages,

  • to edit an existing page, just click on the edit link at the top or at the bottom of the page
  • read PmWiki.Basic Editing, and use the WikiSandbox to try;
  • easy links between pages are the (second) most characteristic feature of a Wiki, and there is a number of ways you can make them - see PmWiki.Links;
  • sometimes you might get a link when you do not want it - like for V1190B. You can avoid it by writing [=V1190B=] (like this: V1990B) or `V1190B (like this: V1190B)
    • Please note that this new version of the wiki does not make automatic WikiWord Links, so the above does not apply. To help making the required changes, during the migration the WikiWords will be highlited on a yellow background.
  • please, put in your name as Author: when you edit a page, so that other people know who they can ask for further explainations.

To create a new page, put a link to a non-existing page (like [[My New Page]]) in an existing one; when you save a link with a question mark will appear (like My New Page?), that you can directly click to edit the new, blank page.

To add an attachment to a page, write Attach:myfile.txt; it will appear as Attach:myfile.txt Δ (with a triangle at top right), that you can click to actually upload the file. For the details and options see PmWiki.Uploads
Please note that not all file extensions are allowed, so you might have to rename your file and write something like [[|]]

You can make a link to Wikipedia like XP - Extreme Programming by simply wirting [[Wikipedia:Extreme_Programming|XP - Extreme Programming]]

More wiki documentation is available from the links in the left side, or by searching.

Warning - Save often !

Do not forget to save when you edit the Wiki pages. If the login times out (happens in a few hours), you will be asked the password again and your edit will not be saved. To recover from this, login with your password, and then use the BACK button of your browser to go back to the edit page, and save again.
Also, there will be no warning if you close a browser window with an unsaved page, so make sure that you check before closing the browser.
Finally, someone else might edit the same page at the same time. The Wiki is quite smart at trying to put the changes together, but if both of you change the same line, it will not understand and it will bounce you back asking to manually merge the changes. The more time you let go without saving, the most probable it is that this will happen.
Moral of the story, save often. The "Save and edit" button is very useful for this.