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Is a MSc(Applied Radiation Science and Technology) student @ North-West University (Mafikeng) and is doing his research project @ School of Physics of the University of the Johannesburg and iThemba Laboratory for Accelerator Based Sciences, Johannesburg, both in South Africa.

Marothi is curently bussy with:

Marothi's To do list on the MSc project

  • Submited the thesis to the supervisers for marking.

There is a non-null probability that you were looking for instead...

I am a new Linux user and Open Source beginer.

I strongly support the usage of Open Formats, like OpenDocument; proprietary, non standard file formats are a major source of inconveniences for everybody - Linux.
I use a lot of Wikipedia. And also WiktionaryZ, and WikiBooks

About politics: Izwelethu. You want my full CV find it @ -----------

Dinaka tsa go rweshwa ga di kgomarele hlogo:

Contact details:

  • Tell +27 11 986 9277
  • Fax +27 11 986 9185
  • Mobile: +27 72703 4908
  • e-mail:
  • Private.phoku?
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